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The Challenge

Is electrification the only option and is it happening fast enough?

According to data from the World Bank, 11% of people globally don't have access to electricity. Those that do are not guaranteed access to consistent or well managed energy either

Although electrification helps with increased efficiency, it's effect is not as good if it is not paired with widescale renewables adoption

A report for 2020 concludes that the market share for electric passenger vehicles in 15 key countries was only 2.8% making them less than 0.01% of all road vehicles


2.8% means even less when it's put in context of the whole transport market, of which road passenger vehicles only make about 45% in emissions terms.


  • Countries that do not have stable grids,

  • Countries that are not deploying renewables widely currently,

  • Countries that cannot or are not yet deploying wide scale electrification,

  • For transport users travelling between countries in different stages of advancement,

  • For markets that have as yet to develop a viable electric powertrain.


HyperGen is focussed on providing a powertrain solution that enables those left out by the electric revolution to have a chance to make progress which:

  • Is convenient to adopt,

  • Easy to scale,

  • Has competitive total cost of ownership,

  • Enables the adoption of alternative liquid or gas fuels,

  • Reduces overall emissions of greenhouse gases and dangerous particulates.

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