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HyperGen Strategy

The World needs a balanced Energy Portfolio that eliminates Fossil Fuels ASAP

In order to help the world achieve it’s environmental targets, HyperGen is creating a new approach to Micro Gas Turbine (MGTs) Engines.

Microturbines have some fantastic selling points such as simplicity and weight, however they struggle to match piston engines of the same size for efficiency and price. It’s for this reason, we’re flipping the current model and aiming to develop a cheaper to manufacture MGT that has unbeatable performance compared to existing piston engines. 

The development also focuses on the ability of MGTs to readily consume a wider array of fuels than piston engines to encourage the adoption of alternate liquid and gas fuels, with particular focus on countries and markets where moving to 100% electric is not yet an option.

In order to achieve these goals, HyperGen’s technology development focuses on dramatically increasing the compression ratio, combustion flexibility, and thermal punishment the turbines can withstand in order to increase efficiency, whilst also focusing on lowered manufacturing costs. 

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